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The most comfortable yoga mat
The most comfotable mat for yur workout, yoga or meditation session
Beautiful unque dsigner colors
Beautiful unque dsigner colors
Specially designed to relieve knees or joint pain
The best yoga combination

LOTTUS LIFE Natural Jute Fiber Premium Yoga Mat

LOTTUS LIFE Natural Jute Fiber Premium Yoga Mat

» ENVIRO-SMART DESIGN™: We use only high-quality materials. Our mats (SGS certified) are FREE of harmful and toxic materials lead, cadmium, latex, phthalates and heavy metals. 

** Smell sensitivity: due to packaging and wrapping conditions during the storage and transportation journey of the mat, this product might retain a rubber/plastic odor for some time. Odor should dissipate with time & use. Visit our Lottus Blog for more tips. Our mats are free of lead, cadmium, latex, phthalates, heavy metals, toxic or harmful materials.



» GROUND YOUR PRACTICE: Our mats are woven with natural Jute fiber.  Jute will bring your experience close to nature facilitating your Grounding experience. Feel your feet receive the life force from the earth.

** The nature of natural jute: jute is a natural fiber and it may feel a bit rough at the beginning. Don't worry, this is normal, not a defect and with regular use, the natural fiber will break in and become soften. For your convenience, this mat is REVERSIBLE, if jute feels rough, using the soft side of the mat is a great idea while the jute fiber softens.

» PREMIUM EXTRA THICK MAT: 0.315” (8mm), the most comfortable (foam-like technology) mat for any use or expertise level. Firm enough to provide a stable platform with the ultimate level of comfort indoor or outdoor and whether you practice yoga, Pilates, or any other activity such as stretching, meditation or simple relaxation. Our natural jute yoga mats are also great for kids, active seniors and expecting mothers looking for a comfortable mat that gently supports knees, back, hips and joints.



» EXTRA LONG SIZE: You will love our extra-long size for extra room. 72”x24” (183x61cm).

** Looking for an anti-slip mat?: Even though the natural fiber provides additional traction compared to other mats, this mat is not 100% anti-slip. For a sweaty practice, it is always advisable to use a yoga mat towel on your mat to avoid excess sweat on the mat's surface.



» ALL PURPOSE DELUXE MAT: Perfect Mat for yoga, pilates, meditation, and any other type of sport, fitness activity or workout at the gym or at home. Great for kids too!

** Nature's design: as a natural fiber, jute’s design patterns & tones might vary :) Dark brown spots or lines are normal and part of the natural fiber. The use of natural fiber in our mats, makes each mat *one-of-a-kind* - as the natural engraving of the fiber acts as a distinctive fingerprint which means your mat is truly unique in every sense of the word :)



» IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH: Feel support from your Lottus Life Yoga Mat and experience a total mind-body workout improving your strength and flexibility with deep breathing and meditation. Use our Mat to improve your levels of relaxation!



» FREE CARRYING STRAP: Take your Mat everywhere with an easy-to-use adjustable strap.



» SUPER EASY TO CLEAN: Use a damp cloth with non-solvent cleaner and spot clean. Do not use washer or dryer, hang to dry.



» 1% OF YOUR PURCHASE will help bring clean water to communities in need via the KARMA PROJECT. Learn more about it here.



» 100% HAPPINESS GUARANTEED: We want you to LOVE your Mat. If you are not Happy with your Mat, please contact us and get your full refund!



» ADDED BONUS: If you need an extra grip or practice Hot Yoga, we recommend using our LOTTUS LIFE YOGA TOWEL along with our Mat. Also, great for any fitness exercise, travel or the beach!

"I just got my jute mat recently and I love it! It is the first time I have had a jute mat and I like it a lot. Just what I expected."









"I really like the extra thickness and how long it is. It is great for both my yoga practice and Pilates. I have been using both sides. Great idea!"









"I bought this a gift for my wife she is very pleased the color.  Also, she was very happy with the texture and feel. This will be great for sensitive back and knees. I will buy one for myself."








"This mat is thicker than most traditional yoga mats. The material works perfect for me and cushions my lower back and my spine. I like it more than I thought I use it every day in my workout routine now. I would suggest this to anyone who does yoga or any type of workout."



1% of every purchase of Lottus Life products goes directly to provide clean drinking water to communities in need around the world. Learn more about Karma Project here.

The benefits of JUTE

Jute is a very versatile natural fiber, used in many textile applications. 95% of the world's jute production takes place in Asia

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