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This mat is fantastic! I teach 8 classes a week and have ...

By Kathleen

Color: Pomegranate Pink   Verified Purchase


This mat is fantastic! I teach 8 classes a week and have not had a new mat in 10 years. I love this mat! There is no smell to the mat. It is perfect for any surface that I teach on from hardwood floors, to rubber floors to the outdoors! I also like the wrap handle that you can just Velcro on and off! I have recommended this mat to members in my class especially the newbies to Yoga.

I do love this mat and it's comfortable

By Amazon Customer

Color: Blue Moon     Verified Purchase

I just started Yoga so this is my first yoga mat. I have used a Gaiam for other exercise classes. This one is a lot more stable and I don't slip. I do love this mat and it's comfortable.

Perfect way to relax

By Annette

Color: Blue Moon     Verified Purchase


LOVE the mat. First the color combination of the blue with a little beige reminds me of the beach. My favorite place to be. Second, I had thought about not going to class that night but had missed the 2 prior weeks, so I went. And as karma would have it, was one of the very best classes ever. And this wonderful "zen" mat only made it nicer.

If your gym is as bad as mine

By Private User

Color: Pomegranate Pink     Verified Purchase


If your gym is as bad as mine, but yet you keep going, this is the mat for you. Day after day of doing camel or happy baby on my flimsy old mat on the concrete floor was aging me. This mat adds great cushion and is a lovely conversation piece even if you don't want to talk to your fellow yogis.

This mat is fantastic!

By Sally

Color: Blue Moon     Verified Purchase


This mat is fantastic, it is little heavy but well worth the weight for how nice and thick it is. It's also very pretty and not like any other mat I have seen, it's also got good footing and I felt very comfortable doing advanced moves. I let it air out for two days and used it last night for my yoga class and did not notice much of a rubber smell. I can't wait to use it again tonight in my class.
For the amount of yoga I do I'm glad I splurged and treated myself to this mat!

Best jute mat!

By Kindle Customer

Color: Blue Moon     Verified Purchase

This mat surprised me - it's now my go-to mat for my routine home practice and it's a breeze to bring to class. The thick cushion doesn't seem to interfere with my balance so far and it's great for the plain wooden floors of the yoga studio. I like that it doesn't smell like rubber, and it feels good to practice on natural material. With

My first impression was how light-weight it was. It didn't seem like a yoga mat could arrive in a box that felt like it weighed two pounds. Yet, this incredibly lightweight mat was also very thick and cushy. I typically don't care for thick mats as my home practice is on carpet floors.

I purchased this mat because it was on sale. I already have a jute mat that I like and wanted to compare the two. I hesitate to rest my forehead or hair on the mat because of snags or pricks from the natural jute, but this one feels fine on my skin and isn't too rough. Of of my two jute mats, this one is my favorite, hands down.

I highly recommend this mat for Hatha and slow Vinyasa and for practice on hard floors. It's extremely lightweight and so makes a good "go to the studio" mat, but keep in mind that its thickness makes it bulky. It probably won't fit in a slim yoga mat bag.myotherjutemat


This is really nice. Super dense yet soft and supportive

By Bri

Color: Blue Moon     Verified Purchase


This is really nice. Super dense yet soft and supportive. Love the look and feel.

Five Stars

By Katrina

Color: Blue Moon     Verified Purchase


I love this mat it's large and comfortable very good quality.

Five Stars

By S. West

Color: Blue Moon     Verified Purchase


Great size and texture. Perfect for my practice. I love it!

Five Stars

By Amazon Customer

Color: Blue Moon     Verified Purchase


Bought as a gift and she loved it!

Five Stars

By Emanuela

Color: Blue Moon     Verified Purchase


Loved it!

Great mat

By Ana

Color: Pomegranate Pink   Verified Purchase


I needed this padding and grip in my yoga practice. The texture on the top is slightly rough and I wasn’t sure about it at first until I used the mat. It holds my towel in place with hot yoga and keeps me from sliding. The cushion is similar to thin memory foam. I’m very pleased with it!

i absolutely love this mat

By Gloria

Color: Blue Moon     Verified Purchase


i absolutely love this mat... its like walking on air... well made product, super easy to roll up and the mat strap is very convenient.

While I love the looks and length of this mat

By Debbie

Color: Blue Moon     Verified Purchase


I have been doing yoga for quite a while. While I love the looks and length of this mat, I kept slipping in poses like down dog and wide leg forward fold. Bought a less slippy mat and use this one just for extra cushioning when doing headstands.









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